Nicolas Denino was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1985. After graduation he undertook several trips to Europe and settled in Spain (between Barcelona and Madrid) where he worked in fashion and design. In 2014 he moved to Milan, approached contemporary art and began studying painting as a self-taught artist. In 2019, after a period spent in New York, he decided to devote himself totally to art. He moved to Florence and opened a studio inside the 16th-century Palazzo Ricasoli Firidolfi on Via Maggio. Since 2022 he settles again in Milan: he continues his research in the field of painting, sculpture, ceramics and, more generally, in the world of design, through collaborations with design companies and studio and production stays in Morocco.

Nicolás Denino’s research (Montevideo 1985) is based on the study of geometric shapes, mainly circles and squares, their repetition in space and the potential of specific colors of blue, white and black. The choice to employ an abstract-geometric vocabulary implies a constant search for the meaning of harmony.  The basis of his creative process constitutes formal agreements, correspondences and the proportions between elements. It is an extremely intuitive approach to design and is always governed by a mental “drawing” that the artist translates through precise coordinates.

Yasalam Epedition

Where to buy art in Marrakech

Discover our latest Exhibition (YASALAM) Welcome to the charming and colorful city of Marrakech, Morocco – a haven for artists, tourists, art lovers, and collectors.